Your Next Step offers these Sessions:

‚Äč1 Hour Session  @ $75.00  

3  Sessions @ $180.00

5 Sessions @ $250.00

Everyone has a story, and sometimes talking to someone who is a new voice, needs to happen. Talking is a major technique for reducing the stress that people experience during various stages of change. Do you need to talk and about your fears, anxiety or concerns? I will listen. 

I am a Certified Coach practitioner, not a Therapist, Psychologist or Counselor.  I have a true passion for listening.

Casual listening, in a not threatening environment,  All sessions will be by phone.

Inspirational Speaking

Check back regularly for updated sessions, dates and topics.

What our customers are saying

"Debbie, I need to know that I can come to you and spend as much time as I need with you. It is valuable advice to me.  You are a wonderful sounding board"                                                                                                                                           W.N.

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